She burned within the kindling
Of a tortured mind and soul
To spark the fuel of passion
And in passion lose control
To feel with such intensity
All emotion was the same
Love and hate become identical
Just wear a different name


He stirred briefly to the rumbling of shifting rock, but sleep voraciously dragged him back under, lost within the shadows of the temporal realm and inevitable departure, the darkness that engulfs the space between seeing and belief.

No Time to Bleed

She cupped the jagged half of a broken hourglass with trembling hands, and pressed the ring of teeth firmly into her chest. The tender skin between her breasts split to exchange the grains with the reddest of wine.

Her eyes spilled diamonds that were artificially refined and she begged me to stay, if only one last time. In a twisting effort she dug through a cage of bone to expose her fractured beating heart.

I won’t deny my wretched craving, it lives, it breathes within the dark. I took her hand and waist in mine to dance, if not blaspheme. Our stride complimented a ballroom canvas beneath a chandelier divine. Our expressionistic form, I felt, denied the very sands of time.

The tempo of her silhouette slowed into a veil of distant memories. My now pale bride, so cold inside, did with the wind now flee. She offered me her heart, but I refused to even bleed.

I think, therefore I am
But simply being
Doesn’t make me worth a damn

In optic fissures, dreams of woe
I lie beneath the lies in disbelief
Dissatisfied with men in ties
And socially acceptable disease

I mourn the loss of budding life
As I commit a suicide on screen
Fuck me, fuck you, fuck us
We live in solitary fragments
The cells inside a mind
Like empathy, confined

I’ve seen ten year olds depressed
With curiosity ferociously repressed
Sodomized and beaten
By the very men who gave them life
While their wives, traumatized
On the sofa, hypnotized
Watch televised infomercials
Of a perfect life

We created horror so surreal
That we pretend it isn’t real
Rape and murder are statistics
So we don’t have to feel
Brought to you by corporations
Broadcasting edible filth

Debating proper action
But failing to act
Is as useful as a train of thought
Before inventing a track

Breeding Violence

Children too young to think critically
Are thrown into the spin cycle politically
But not just brainwashed for policies
They are drowned sooner spiritually

Repressed young men and women
Ignore your sexuality
Celibacy to fuel hypocritical brutality

Cataracts for every man, woman, and child
In the shape of a cross, a lord defiled
Simplicity in living without the eyes to see
Blind to the lies - in belief they are free

Eyes to the flag, heart to the sky
Soul to the imaginary, upon high
A reason to fight, a reason to bleed

A reason to die
Where none should be

We breathe in the midst of surgeons
A perversely uneducated race
Taking scalpel to our planet
Believing all nature needs…
Is a little synthetic love

Every new solution
Is fuel for tomorrows problem

Disassemble me, that which you claim to know
Study the delicate materials, the craftsmanship
The crushing weight of disappointment
I do not exist, so you aren’t here to listen
I, the bastard
I, the disguised
I, the convenient
I, the swallowed whole
I, the subtle shift in syllables
I, the parasitic fuck-child

A writ of certified wholesome truth
Everything you know, is naught

Oh My Fucking God, I Love That Episode

Tears blossom quickly
In the endless gardens
Of our sleepless eyes
Watching every wretched sunset
Like a phoenix, next day rise
Whether we live in fantasies
Or drool as numb spectators
It seems the only way to live
Is to ignore the fact we are alive

When the blister pops
You’ll drown in the pus
The foul liquid swirls
In fetid tender flesh
A sore you have created
An ache you aggravated
A child mutilated in the grave
The actions taken 
In your name
Attempt to weaken
Dare try enslave
I will crush you
Incinerate your essence
God, Man, Creature
I’ll breathe your ashes
All the same

Self Help With a Hint of Bullshit

Light and dark
Good fighting evil
Where lies the grey?
We’re all just people
Over-thinking every 

tiny thing

To the point, the thought of “thought” 
Has far less meaning than it ought
We claim to search for higher purpose
The fucking circus

W            p
  e        m
       j u

And just keep asking for a height
Not realizing the stakes get so…
Much higher… 
They always do

Find something that makes you whole
Makes you know you’re in control
Don’t waste time pleasing the buyer
Sell yourself to only you