The Esoteric Shorticles - Part I

Think of all the judgments bleeding into life. Inside your very skull. You may not be aware of them, but they’re there. Lingering in the shallows of a crackling synaptic sea.  
These passing observations clouded by societal norms. Observations gasping for air in the thick mucus of public media. Crippled realities hobbling along against the crutch of a current behavioral trend. 
Unbiased judgments have forever been an endangered species. We, humans. We, the dominant. We, the powerful. 
Fragile, vain, hopelessly dragged along by a leash of ignorance. We, the hive. We, the followers. We, the unthinking. 
Crawling over one another in a deafening buzz of brainwashed impulse. Another tug on the media leash. Another carefully placed obligation, disguised as free will. Again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again and again and again and again…

The vomit in my skull abruptly halted. Ever constant advertisements of my supposed reality - now vibrating in my pants. In an attempt to claw my way back to the surface, I groped desperately at this jean blanketed demon. Like a nervous virgin being assaulted by a leather-bound prostitute, I whispered into my phone’s lower orifice, now pressed against my face.
"Dude, what the fuck?!"
Great. I forgot about Eric.
"We were supposed to leave ONE-ugh-FUCKING-ugh-HOUR ago!" cue inhaler… as well as what I believe to be a human cough.
Eric has a way with words that makes you feel guilty. It’s not necessarily that he’s manipulative, or even tries to make you feel anything at all. It’s the way his exhausted half shout, half asthmatic gasp emphasizes the things he says, I just feel bad for the poor fuck. 
"Okay Eric, deep breath. I’ll be there in ten." not likely, but I’ll say anything to get off the phone. "Calm those cute little man titties, and grab yourself a banana… Hell, calm your tits with a banana. Just calm down."
"You’re such an assho-"
Click. With an overly exaggerated sigh, my phone slid back into my right pocket. Keys, check. Wallet, check. Phone, ugh, check. Bright shiny outlook on life, and a warm welcoming disposition? Nope, fuck off. Time to choke down this leftover sandwich and get Eric’s wheezy ass to his appointment.


Wake in a mind bisected
One point of view
But two perspectives
A hemisphere lost
To the virus of life

The unknown takes residence
A familiar face, the stranger
It invades like anesthesia
One blink and you’re gone
Disoriented, disgusted

Go back to the realm
With the people you love
You cannot give comfort
Nor shelter, nor trust
A soul detruncated 

The face, oh so familiar
Is now a fucking stranger

Shackled in flesh
Constricted, contorted
‘Tween master and blight
Building their empire
Corpses like mortar in rot
Bathe in the filth
Our political warfare
Wave your rags from every mast
Eclipse the sky with delusion
Free at last, free at last

Let the blood of all humanity spill - erase this pathetic failure.


Our rotation slowed
We, the endlessly finite
Beyond your crystalline eyes-
Hides the madness
For which I reach

Devour me
The weightless,
The child tortured blind
I beg, be swift
The darkness pulls

Thou biting velvet serpent
Intertwined within my veil
Unleash voracious rapture
Deny me not my hell

Life is roadkill with party balloons tied to stiff decaying limbs.

Drive on you fucks!

Insomnia, I
Cleave lids from the eye
Dilated and dry

Dream now, I dare
Within your sleepless snare


Apathy doth slalom down
From the orifice of our conformity
Complacency and ignorance
Lies in daily doses 
Distributed in white paper cups

Political reign pours freely
From clouds of halitosis
The well water poisoned
We drink with the herd
Free agency deceased

Conspiracy, conspiracy
Disguised and common decency
Embrace malformed ideals
Waking nightmare now our lives

See not with yours,
But through their eyes

Bloodletting in dehumanizing fashion
Beloved, you pale in the rain
Your freedom my only passion
Darling, secrete now your pain

Suspended impossibly
In defiance of time
An hourglass figure
Sculpture divine
Her bullet hole gaze
Shot shrapnel through mine
She - shadow infallible
Queen of the blind